The Lowell Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1897 by a group of citizens to protect their own property, as well as others. The first meeting was held October 5, 1897, with the first appointed Chief being M.E. Nafus. On November 2, 1897, Charles Sherard became the first elected Chief. At the time of organization, the fire equipment consisted of hand pulled carts with buckets and a horse drawn wagon. It wasn’t until 1916 when the town purchased its first fire engine, which was a 1916 Reo Chemical Truck.

The storage of fire equipment started in the still existing downtown area in private businesses or garages. Men were summoned by the sound of a big bell ringing. We think the bell on display at the new fire station may be that same bell. As years passed and fire engines were purchased, they kept them at the Old Police Station, Town Hall and what is also known today as the Olde Towne Square. In 1950, Cedar Creek Township built a new fire station at Fremont & Jefferson Streets. The Township still owns the building and is now housing the Cedar Creek Trustee and a Community Building.

Over the years, many expansions were made to better serve the people. Many different pieces of equipment were added including water trucks, grass truck, and emergency units. The first water truck was purchased by the volunteers in 1936. At that time, as it is today, many departments buy second hand trucks and build their own.

In 1971 the Lowell Volunteer Fire Department became Lowell Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. We became a not-for-profit corporation because of the changing times and growth. The Lowell Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is still growing and progressing each year to provide the people of our community the best in protection.