Swearing in of Firefighter and new voting member Matthew Hitzelburger July 2020
Swearing in of Firefighters and new voting members Craig McManigal and Jaclyn Seberger January 2020
Tony Parker receives 39 years of service Axe Award January 2020
Charlene of GoldStar Cafe receives appreciation award for amazing community service – 2019
Matthew Hitzelburger Firefighter Certification 2019
Craig McManigal Recruit Valedictorian 2019
 Retired Board President Paul Fuller was recognized for his 51 years of dedicated service to the Lowell Fire Department with a joint resolution by the state Senate and the House – 2017
Nick Hylek and Cory Wietbrock receiving their 10 year awards – 2016
Former Chief Jack Eskridge Firefighter of the Year 2015
Jack Eskridge Award of Leadership 52 years of service